Thanks for checking us out! We are a husband-wife adventure wedding photographer team. Our hope is that you allow us to get to know you on a personal level. Photography is relational to us, and we want it to be meaningful. We also want to be a team with you, so we can serve you by making beautiful images together! Those images should reflect your personalities and how deeply in love you are with each other. We think you would make a good team with us if you’re ready to:

Explore with us
Laugh with us + each other
Be a bit vulnerable
Dance around
Be down for anything
Get a little dirty
Show off your quirkiness
Appreciate the beauty of nature

 Destination wedding or adventure session? Take a look at our travel schedule + goals here. We’d love to come along! We do our best to work with budgets, so if money is an issue, let’s chat about it. We reply to emails within 24 hours on weekdays. If you don’t hear back after a couple days, please email us directly:

 FROM $800
FROM $400

“Emily and Jim did an amazing job with both our engagement session and wedding. They let our dog come to our engagement session which was a huge plus for us, and they captured the sweetest pictures with us and our pup. While the engagement session was awesome, it doesn’t compare to the work they did on wedding day. OH MY GOSH. Our pictures are perfect! They told the entire story of our day – so much so that our friends and family cried AGAIN when going through them. I really can’t say enough great things about Emily and Jim. I’d use them again and again and again. They’re simply the best.” – Alan + Lauren // see more reviews here

“Everything about working with Emily for our wedding was perfect. Her professionalism, attention to detail, enthusiasm, and talent are truly amazing. We spent significant time searching for the right style of wedding photographer for our wedding and even in our initial correspondence, we felt at ease and excited with Emily. Our photos are so loved and cherished and I would recommend Emily and Jim to anyone looking for natural and authentic photographs.” – Edward + Barbara // see more reviews here

“Emily and Jim photographed our engagement session and wedding day. A friend recommended them to us and I am so grateful they did! Emily and Jim are amazing at their job. She knows how to handle a nervous bride and groom, juggle family members who don’t want their picture taken, and was a constant calming presence throughout our entire day. From start to finish our pictures are amazing and captured everything about our day. Thank you for the memories!” – Ryan + Lisa // see more reviews here



Where are you located?
We are husband-wife photographers based in Elkhart, Indiana. We serve the Midwest + beyond.

We want a destination wedding/elopement, do you offer these?
Heck yeaahh! We will travel nearly anywhere for love! Our passports are current + ready to rumble. Photography has taken us all over the country. We are in love with the intimacy of a destination weddings + elopements (especially adventurous ones), and could shoot them for the rest of our careers. They also save money for you, compared to the costs of a traditional wedding. Let’s talk about it!

What do you mean by “full day coverage”?
Full day means we do not operate on an hourly basis (for weddings with 50+ guests). We want to capture your whole day, not just part of it. We like to keep things simple + honest. When you hire us, expect us to be there all day (more than 10 hours is typically excessive). Full wedding day coverage means we will get there when you and your bridal party are about halfway done getting ready. Images taken before this time are not the most flattering. We leave after the last reception event is complete (meaning all the official dances, cake-cutting, etc.). If you’re having a scheduled sparkler send-off we stay for that, but some weddings go late into the night, and there is no need for us to stay that late. We can discuss this more as we get closer to your date!

How do we book you?
We are pumped you love our work! Head to the contact page to fill out the form to check availability + get the full wedding pricing guide. For weddings we require a non-refundable initial payment of $500 upon signing the contract. This will reserve your wedding date with us. The remaining balance is due 30 days before your day. Flexible payment options are available.

Is your business insured + how do you protect your photos?
We have business insurance through State Farm, which includes a 1 million liability policy + insurance on all our gear (even while traveling). For peace of mind, after a wedding, all images are backed-up in two separate locations as soon as we are home. We know these memories mean the world to you, and we do all that we can to protect them.

Who will photograph the wedding?
We both do! You will get Jim + Emily Hary as your photographers (for weddings with over 50 guests). Being a husband-wife team has become vital to our business; while Emily is focusing on capturing every moment with the girls during the pre-wedding hours, Jim spends the entire time capturing all of the great (and mostly humorous) times with the guys. During the ceremony, Emily is perched up front, while Jim is in the back getting the wide shots of your gorgeous venue. At the reception, we float around and tag team the big events such as cake cutting and your first dance. If for some reason Jim is unable to be the second shooter for your wedding date, a suitable + talented replacement photographer will be found to cover for him.

When + how will we receive our photos?
We value details and want each photo to be its best. That is why we hand-edit each image you receive from us. We can usually get your wedding photos to you between 7-9 weeks after your wedding day. You will receive all of your images in their finished state. We give you a mixture of color and black and white photos (because some just look better that way). For weddings, all the digital JPEG files will be delivered to you on a handcrafted walnut USB drive. All images are high-resolution + watermark-free. There is no limit to the number of photographs you will receive from your wedding day. Although, we cannot guarantee a certain number of photos, as each wedding is unique. Clients typically receive 500+ images from their wedding. We hand-pick all the best images, by getting rid of any duplicates, misfires, or images with unflattering expressions or poor lighting.

Can we share our photos on social media?
Of course! We just ask that you provide a link, tag, hashtag, or credit within the caption of each photo/album you upload. We also kindly ask that you do not crop, edit, or alter the images in any way. On Instagram, do not put any of those crazy filters on the photos. It makes me really sad when that happens.

What is the best light to photograph in?
Natural light is always best! We shoot outdoors, and use no special lighting equipment. For weddings, we specifically suggest getting ready in a naturally-lit, bright room with very little clutter. We also highly recommend sneaking away in the hour leading up to sunset for more alone time and warmly-lit photos of just you two during golden hour (the hour or two before sunset). Let us help you craft a light + photo-informed wedding day timeline! Also, check out our map of hand-picked, unique, and naturally-lit destination wedding locations!

Do you provide personal printing rights?
Absolutely. This allows you to print as many photos as you want, as many times as you’d like, without restriction. We still own the copyright to the images, but you will get personal printing rights. PLEASE avoid drug/grocery stores for printing. The colors and quality do not accurately reflect our hard work! We personally recommend MPIX. They have reasonable prices, beautiful print quality, and quick delivery.

Do you take formal family portraits at weddings?
Yes. We collect all the information we need from you before the wedding day. Efficiency is important to us. We recommend no more than 10 family groupings. Family portraits are often the most exhausting part of the day for everyone. We want you and your family to enjoy the reception together as we snap candids along the way. Couples are interested in seeing more natural photos rather than posed. That is why there are not many on our site. No worries though, we do them at every wedding.

Can we have or see the unedited/RAW photos you took?
Heck no! Every photo you receive from us is in its finished state. We do not release unedited/RAW images, ever. Two reasons: 1. You probably won’t be able to use them (a lot of computers cannot read RAW files without proper software). 2. RAW files do not reflect our style and work until they are processed. Don’t worry, we will give you all the good ones and trash all the blinks and double chins.

What happens if you are ill?
It would take a lot for both of us to miss a wedding. Luckily that has not happened! But if this were to happen to one or both of us, we would reach out to local photographers to cover for us. If for some reason, there is no suitable replacement photographer found, your wedding package fee would be refunded in full (including the $500 initial payment).

What kind of gear do you shoot with?
We use two Canon 5d Mark iii bodies (and a back-up camera body). We have high quality L series Canon lenses. We love prime lenses and use the 35 mm A LOT!

Are you guys married?
Yep! And it’s the best thing ever. We tied the knot under a huge Catalpa tree back in May 2015.